Introduction to C# Dev Kit

C# Dev Kit is a Visual Studio extension to enhance C# development in Visual Studio Code. This extension is based on the C# extension and can work with the following extensions:

Something you need to know about C# Dev Kit:

  • It's not open-sourced.
  • It's free for personal, academic, and open-source projects.
  • For commercial projects, it's free for teams of up to 5 members. For teams of 6 or more developers, they must have a Visual Studio Professional or higher subscription.

The following video shows how to login you Visual Studio subscription in VS Code:

Youtube: C# Dev Kit - Login your Visual Studio subscription

I've also created a video to show how to create and run a Hello World C# project in VS Code:

Youtube: C# Dev Kit - Create and run a HelloWorld project in Visual Studio Code


Currently, C# Dev Kit supports some basic features such as:

  • Solution Explorer
  • IntelliSense / Code completion
  • Go to Definition
  • Find All References
  • Find All Implementations
  • Run unit tests

Of course there are rooms for improvement, for instance: NuGet Manager, Symlink.


From now on, it will be easier to develop and test C# applications with Visual Studio Code. However, for .NET developers working on Windows, Visual Studio 2022 is no doubt far better than C# Dev Kit.

I think C# Dev Kit is mainly targeting Linux and Mac developers, especially Microsoft have anounced that Visual Studio for Mac will be retired on August 31, 2024. By that time, I think Mac users will have no choice but move to Rider or C# Dev Kit.

Last modified: 2024-07-09